New Purchase Loan

Triple your purchasing power in new investments and achieve a higher cash-on-cash return on your investment.

Property type​

SFR, 2-4 units, Townhouses, Condos, Condotels, 5-8 units

Max loan amount


Property conditions



Leased or vacant accepted

Term & Rate​

30-year fixed rate loan

Loan To Value

Up to 75% LTC/LTV

US entity required ​

Multiple entity owners ​

Up to 4 owners
*5 and up with exception

Why Get a New Purchase Loan?

Lower your entry barrier

You can start owning US real estate with as little as $50K investment. This enables US foreign investors to afford investing in the US real estate market.

Triple your buying power

By using other people’s money (i.e. a loan) you can buy a property that costs up to three times the amount of your existing equity. If you have $300,000 of equity, you can buy a $200,000 home through financing.

Diversify your investment

If you have $300,000 of equity, you can either purchase one home worth $300,000 or you can finance and then be able to invest three $100,000 homes. Your equity is then spread into three properties thus lowering your risk on each property.

How it works

“I was amazed how fast and easy it was for me to get a pre-approval letter from Lendai. All it took was a few minutes of my time and I was ready with a Pre-approval letter that my agent could use to make my purchase offer stand out from the other applications.”​​
Dave D.
Canadian investor


Lendai offers New Purchase Loans, Cash-Out Refinance Loans, Standard Refinance Loans, and Portfolio Loans.

In addition, we provide Pre-Approval letters.

Lendai finances the following type of properties: Single families, 2–4-unit residences, condos, townhouses, 5-8 units.

The loans are fixed for a period of 30 years.

Lendai is a lender that focuses on Super Prime loans, so we offer our clients good terms and a short procedure. The scope of financing is based on the value of the property, the expected rent, and other variables.

We will finance any condo, including condotels subject to our underwriting guidelines.


The Lendai underwriting guidelines are based on four main factors: 1. Property value 2. Property DSCR 3. Borrower’s liquidity 4. Borrower’s credit profile in the country of origin

Lendai does not fund construction loans directly but can offer them through our partners in the Lendai industry. Reach out to us and will be happy to help.