Cash-out/Refinance Loan

Replace existing debt or cash-out your equity based on the current value of the property

Property type

Max loan amount

Property conditions

Property occupancy

Term & Rate

Single-family, Townhome, 2-4 units



Currently leased/will be in the next 3mo.

30-year fixed rates

Loan to value (LTV)

US entity required

Multiple entity owners

Origination fee

Interest rates

Up to 70%

Up to 5 owners



Why Get a Refinance Loan?

Low ammortization

Enjoy the best cash flow possible from your asset through a 30-year loan, minimize your principal payments, and increase your monthly cash returns.

Lower your rate
and extend the term

If you have an existing mortgage with higher rates or shorter term, you can refinance with Lendai and replace your existing debt with better rates and longer duration.

Triple your buying power

By extracting debt from an existing investment, you can reinvest in additional properties. If you own a $300,000 property free of debt, you can cash-out up to $200,000 from this property and use the funds as down payment for your next investment(s).

How it works

“As foreign investors who have been scraping together cash for 10 years to invest, we are beyond excited that there is now a reasonably priced, 30-year financing option available.”
Andrew W.
Australian investor

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