Author: Tami Benyamini


Pre-Approval Letter This letter is often requested by the realtor assisting in locating your next investment. Get pre-qualified in under 5 minutes and know the potential loan amount you are eligible for Contact us Property type Max loan amount Property conditions Property occupancy Term & Rate Single-family, Townhome, 2-4 units $1,000,000 C1-C4 Currently leased/will be

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Why Invest in the Savannah Residential Market

The Savannah residential market is the third-largest metropolitan market in Georgia with a total population of 393,353 as of July 2019. The area’s population has been growing at the third-fastest rate in the state and well above the national growth rate over the last 10 years. In particular, over the period 2010-2019, Savannah’s population increased

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Advantages of Investing in the Cleveland Residential Market

The Cleveland metropolitan area is the third largest in Ohio in terms of population and the 50th largest in the United States. With a population of slightly over 2 million, the Cleveland residential market offers a wide range of investment choices both in terms of price ranges, structure types, and locations.    Cleveland city is the

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